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PC / MAC Repair & Setup

Is your computer is running slow or the software is just not working right, need to update MS Windows or MAC OS to newer versions? Then PGLdata can help get your computer running right again and even better than when purchased.

Broadband / Fibre / Wifi

PGLdata will setup your Internet connection / wifi so you get the best results possible within your Home or Garden. No more connection problems when Streaming services or your online video meeting.

Website, WordPress & Email

PGLdata can provide a simple one page website to a fully loaded 1000+ ecommerce site. A Professional email system with installation and setup on many hardware devices including Mobile, PC, MAC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart devices etc...

IoT & Smart Systems

We at PGLdata can setup your Smart Home Systems including Alexa, Google, Smart TV's, Streaming Services, Smart Bulbs, Firesticks, Wifi Hifi and Audio Streaming.

Remote Fix & Advice

Problems, fixes and advice - where possible this will be done remotely either by a mobile voice call, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Txt or remote access to a computer. Ensuring a quick and effective service, saving call out costs and reducing the worry of catching or spreading COVID in current circumstances.


Considering CCTV to protect your home, family and pets or to watch the wildlife. All CCTV Cameras can be configured to be viewed from you Mobile, Computer or Smart TV's.



North Staffordshire


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